Territory analysis

In order to comprehensively assess the potential and restrictions of the territories, as well as to determine the financial and economic model of the project, MIG provides consulting services, including the analysis of the existing urban planning documentation for the considered territory, urban planning and marketing analysis according to the specified criteria, and the economic analysis of development options.

Territory planning projects are accompanied by a section “implementation plan”, which determines the order of implementation of development activities, as well as sources of funding.


  • marketing research
  • economic analysis
  • urban planning potential


Analytical study of the urban planning potential of the territory of the city of Dmitrov, Moscow region.

The size of the plot is 3.1 hectares. Viewing area within a radius of 2.2 km around the site

Analysis of the urban planning potential of the territory of the Voronovo settlement

NAO of Moscow 1770 ha

Analytical study in relation to the land plot of JSC “DUKS”

within the boundaries of the industrial zone No. 9 “Street of Pravdy” of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow. Viewing area within a radius of 1.5 km around the site

7,57 ha